BLUE ROOM 8-10 People
蓝色房间 8-10人
screen mirroring
air conditioner
sunset light
phone holder
Bluetooth speaker
price for 5 people, Add 1 person +$5, maximum 10 people


  • 预订成功后不可取消,可以重新预约日期和时间。
  • 超时提醒:五分钟之内不扣款,五分钟之外按半小时小时收费,若损坏舞蹈室用品按市价赔付。
  • 蓝色大舞蹈室进门后右转第三个蓝色门的房间。
  • 舞蹈室大厅配日落灯手机支架蓝牙音响可拍摄视频 使用完毕后请放回原位。
  • 结束后请关闭投影仪和空调 房间不配垃圾桶 请带走自己的垃圾 。

Instructions for using the dance studio

  • The large dance studio is located in the third room after entering the door and turning right
  • Cancelation Policy: Can not cancel appointments, Rescheduling is free of charge.
  • Timeout reminder: five minutes without deduction, five minutes outside the half-hour billing, such as damage to the ballroom supplies paid according to market prices.
  • The hall of the dance room is equipped with a sunset light, a mobile phone holder, a Bluetooth speaker, and a video can be taken. Please put it back to its original position after use.
  • Please turn off the projector, lighting, and air conditioner when you are done. There is no trash can in the room. Please take your own trash. Thank you.

地址/Add:43-12 MAIN ST FLUSHING NY 11355