LoFi Nights Are Back


If you listened to music on YouTube over the past year, it's inevitable that you've encountered a lo-fi hip-hop. The mixes and radio stations are basically chill

LoFi Nights Are Back2019-10-10T13:17:54-04:00

Deck Selecta DJ Competition


Calling all DJ’s! Ever dreamt on playing on board IT’S THE SHIP alongside with some of the biggest names in the world? Well here’s your chance! We have just released our very first DJ contest

Deck Selecta DJ Competition2019-10-10T13:16:52-04:00

Bugg announces 2020 tour


The Nottingham singer-songwriter will hit the road for a series

Bugg announces 2020 tour2019-08-30T11:54:41-04:00

New Amy Winehouse exhibition


A new exhibition focused on Amy Winehouse is set to open next

New Amy Winehouse exhibition2019-07-30T09:03:45-04:00